We provide industrial solutions for our customers.

For almost 50 years we’ve been making life a little easier for our customers by providing and managing industrial equipment. Our goal is to allow them to focus on their operations and not be distracted by their equipment or its costs, and we hope we can someday add you to our list of esteemed customers.

Whether you need help with a single project or want a comprehensive, full-service maintenance package, we would love to get to know you and your application.

Why Choose Us

Technical Expertise

Almost 50 years of business translates into the most experienced staff in the region – we’re the regional industry leader for a reason!

Flexible Solutions

Whether you need a quick fix or a system that can grow with your business, we can provide a spectrum of solutions tailored to your application.

One-Stop Shop

We can provide every need or want that a pump or compressed air system could have, including systems design, complete unit and replacement parts sales, service and repairs, & aftermarket parts.

Local Focus

Being a locally-owned and -operated business means we’re never more than a short drive away when you need us, and also means we get to have face-to-face relationships with our customers and their applications.

What Makes
us Special?

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Who we are

A-L-L Equipment was founded in 1973 by Hal Welser and Bruno Ehen as a local, Quad Cities pump distributor with only a few product lines. A lot has changed since then – we now distribute over 40 brands covering every major pump type, are a leading independent distributor for Ingersoll Rand air compressors, and have offices serving 3 states. But our fundamental philosophy remains unchanged: to make our customers’ lives easier by designing, providing, and helping maintain the industrial equipment needed for their operations.

Over the past 50 years, our growth has been hand-in-hand with our customers’ growth, and our success is founded on the success of our customers. So if you are one of our current customers, thank you for contributing to our strong Midwest industrial sector. And if you are a new or potential customer, we hope to watch you grow or continue to grow with just a little help from us.

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