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We love being an official Sales and Service center for Ingersoll Rand compressors – it makes our job a little easier when the products we’re selling and servicing are the most rugged and cost effective industrial air systems on the market. And more importantly, it makes our customer’s jobs a little easier too, while minimizing operating costs and downtime.

Whether your system is powering pneumatic tools, air-driven pumps, actuators, packaging products, CNC machines, or any of compressed air’s other uses, it needs to be reliable and efficient. Our compressor sales team has worked with thousands of compressed air systems, and has seen what works and what doesn’t – our decades of experience tend to give few unique insights for every job.  And when our intuition isn’t enough, our data-driven Air Surveys can assess and optimize your system.

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Decades of Experience

We’ve built thousands of industrial systems, and would love to put that experience to work for you.

Industry Trained and Certified

We work closely with our vendors to receive ongoing training on the latest technologies, case studies, and products.

Great Products

We enjoy representing brands that we not only like and trust, but are also industry leaders and offer lots of American-made products.

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Great! Support and Special Care

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Great! Support and Special Care

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